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In this zone, there are surfaces covered by latifoliate, evergreen, and mesophilous woods of low altitude.
Littoral vegetation is typical of this region and consists of latifoliate thorny semi-desertic coastal heaths, located in littoral heights or high coasts from the mouth of the Yateras river and Puntacaleta. This kind of vegetation occurs again between the points of Maisí and Quemado.
Cultural vegetation, like that of pastures with crop focuses, natural grassy prairies, and secondary vegetation have occupied the valleys of rivers Sabanalamar, Yacabó Abajo, and Imias.
Wildlife is quite diverse and presents a high degree of endemism associated to the diverse kinds of natural vegetation.
The heights of Moa, Toa and Baracoa, constitute the territories with the highest quantities of endemic flora species of the country. Among them are worth-mentioning the ocuje colorado (Aristida pradana), the Calophyllum utile, a 30 m (98 ft) tree considered the most important among timber-yielding species of these woods, and the palm Hemithrinax rivularis.

Ads By CiberSpaces
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